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This is an excellent cream for super dry feet! I've used many many formulations over nearly a decade, and this one is making a consistent and positive improvement to my super extra dry feet. Thank you! Also, I'm back for more 💖

I considered this feather incense holder for some time, and finally ordered one. Very very happy with this! A practical and beautiful holder that is wide enough to catch incense as it burns, it also (to me) provides a sweet reminder of the world around us.


I love the harvest moon soap, it wakes me up in the early mornings. Makes my day so much better.

New! Wild Berries Soap
Debora D. (Canada)
Love this soap!

I love the fragrance of this soap - it smells like all the best things of summer. And as with all of your soap, my skin is soft after using it


What a beautiful box of sweetgrass products for Mother’s Day! Love it! 💚

2023 Earth Day Box
Anonymous (Canada)

It is beautiful! Several items have already been gifted and appreciated!

2023 Earth Day Box
Heather M. (Canada)
Beautiful, as always

Receiving a package from Sequoia is like getting a present in the mail, always wrapped up so beautifully. And of course the contents are equally beautiful and always smell so wonderful.

Sweetgrass Mist
Debbie F. (Canada)

Really love all the scents. I interchange them daily depending on the mood. Sweetgrass I carry small one in purse for when I just need to get centered. Thank you for producing such great products.

Smells wonderful!

Love this foot cream! It smells so nice and makes my feet feel soft without feeling greasy!

2023 Earth Day Box
Roberta M. (Canada)

I bought this box to share, it's full of wonderful products that we love to use. When you open it up all these lovely scents come out, it's fantastic. We love the soaps and can't wait to try the scrub. Was a great deal too! Should have bought two!

2023 Earth Day Box
Christine J.K. (Canada)

This special box is just right...the perfect combination of things to celebrate Earth Day. Some for me & some to share with dear ones. A few of the products are treasured favorites like the sweetgrass lotion but I excited to try the new soaps. Can't wait for the next special box

2023 Earth Day Box
Catherine (Canada)
Beautiful gift

I love all of these products! You may need to buy two so you can keep one and give one away!

Sage Soap
Laura K.

They all made Excellent gifts... clean, natural smells--even for my peoples who love "au natural".

Red Clover Soap
Hannah S. (United States)

Easily my most favorite so far! I'm so happy I took the chance and started with the 4oz bar, instead of the 1oz.

What I have learned: literally every soap from here is going to be amazing. I haven't had one that i didn't like yet

Turquoise Soap
Chelsea (United States)
My Absolute Favorite!

I’ve loved every soap I’ve ordered from Sequoia, but I keep coming back to this one. It is so fresh and pleasant. I will continue to re-order! All the soaps are long lasting and don’t dry out my skin.

Sweetgrass Soap
JR (United States)
new favorite

Sequoia turned me on to sweet grass scents, and now this one is a staple in my house!

Jingle Dress Candle
JR (United States)
just lovely

Can't wait to start burning this one, it smells so nice!

Storyteller Soap
JR (United States)
love the name love the scent

I've made these soaps my go to gifts for the last year, but this one is just for me!

Harvest Moon Soap

Love it. Can't wait to try all of the soaps.

Sweetgrass Soap
Gail H. (United States)
Sweet grass Soap

The scent of this soap is wonderfully refreshing. You only need a small amount to create a lot of lather which leaves your skin so clean and soft. I like that the scent stays with you for quite awhile. Sequoia Proudly Indigenous soap is richly scented. I'm thinking of giving it as a gift.
Thank you Sequoia Proudly Indigenous.

Red Clover Candle
Michele H. (Canada)
Beautiful product in beautiful packaging

I absolutely love the 4 pc soap gift boxes and can't wait to enjoy the candles. I think I have a favourite new scent in Blackberry Sage.

Blackberry Sage Body Scrub
CAROL L. (United States)
Body scrub

So light and feels good on the skin, I have no more eczema!

Blackberry Sage Mist
S L. (Canada)
Smells wonderful!

Love the Blackberry Sage mist! I can’t choose a favourite! I have all the body mists and I love them all! I got the Blackberry Safe in the smaller size so that I can carry it in my handbag

Ultimate Mini Soap Bundle
Sarah C. (United States)
Beautiful and exactly what I was looking for

I've been looking for a soap to replace name brand body washes with. I also wanted to find a product that supports a woman owned business. I got the sampler pack so I can find some favorites to purchases larger bars with when I've run out of the sample sizes. The scents are so earthy and amazing. I was tired of the artificial scents of body washes. The lather is perfect and the silky, moisturized feel of my skin after is great. Thank you for making a wonderful product available.

Blackberry Sage Lotion
Muckpaloo I. (Canada)
Smells beautiful!

This is my second time purchasing this product. It is consistent in quality. Smooth lotion, satisfying, smells delightful. The scent lasts a while which is nice but it's subtle and won't bother others. I used to wear this to work to feel nice in a no scent workplace and no one complained even though it does have a light detectable fragrance. Perfect for self care. 👌.