Meet the Maker

My native background is the most compelling force behind my work. I believe that there is artistry in everything I do. I express it through my products creation.
Michaelee and her grandmother at Pyramid Lake, Nevada with the "Stone Mother"
I'm Michaelee and I am creator of Sequoia which is a proudly indigenous company founded more than a decade ago. The products we create are all inspired by native legends or ingredients provided by mother nature. I actually consider every bar of our handmade soap as a work of art.

I worked as an engineer designing roads and ditches, and during that time, I founded my company until I could no longer do both. That was over 15 years ago. I got my entrepreneurial spirit watching my grandmother tanning hides, doing beadwork, making moccasins and selling to the local gift shops, who then sold those works of art to tourists. My grandmother is my greatest influence.
Me and my gram
Moccasins I made for my daughter almost 20 years ago. My company is 100% native owned and operated. Our products are 100% formulated, designed and made by us. This is what sets us apart. I believe in building a strong economic base in my community and I'm proud of my native roots. We've been slowly expanding to other communities and territories.
Sequoia products are for those who are looking for beautiful and natural products and appreciate that native connection.
When choosing a name for my company, I fell in love with the name Sequoia. To me, it not only represented nature, but strength. The giant Sequoia trees can live 2,000 to 3,000 years. The name also has a native connection as well. It's the name of a Cherokee chief who developed their alphabet so that the language could be written. A technical minded person just like me!

Every single product is handmade. I oversee all of the production at Sequoia, and take pride in our work. I've designed every single label, and formulated every single product. I ensure all of our products are made to our exacting standards. Months of testing and customer feedback ensures quality, freshness and consistency.

Sequoia Canoe Candles cooled and ready to be packaged.
Sequoia Red Clover Bath Tea with herbs and dead sea salts. I hope that not only will you be impressed with Sequoia products, but that your friends and family will be too. Sequoia is one of a kind.

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