Iakwahwatsiratátie Language Nest Kahnawà:ke

September 30 is Orange Shirt Day, reminding us how our ancestor children were cruelly punished for speaking their language. It’s not a wonder why we almost lost our language. However, it is being revitalized here in our home Community of Kahnawake.

One of the trailblazers in this revitalization is Iakwahwatsiratátie Language Nest Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory (The Kahnawake Language Nest) as they work with parents and children 0-5 and aim to get the language into their lives and homes at an earlier stage in life, allowing the language to be used naturally the way it should be.

Sequoia is donating 15% of all sales this weekend to The Language Nest.


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Sweetgrass Lotion
S (Canada)
No seeetgrass scent

I was hopeful that each product I purchased would smell of sweetgrass but unfortunately only the soap smelt like sweetgrass. The other products shipped to me including the lotion had a weird smell, maybe from their containers, carrier oils, or just not enough of the scent was in the mix. Left disappointed since I won’t use them now. The packaging is beautiful and would like to try the products again, but for now I will only purchase the soaps.

Sweetgrass Soap
S (Canada)
Love the real scent of sweet grass!

This soap really holds the sweet grass scent. Would buy again!

Red Clover Lotion
Julie (Canada)

I’m a fan of Sequoia soaps and I bought a bottle of the Red Clover lotion at a pow wow. Turns out it does wonders on my daughter’s sensitive skin AND the scent puts her right to sleep. Magic! It also helps with our nanny’s eczema. I make sure I always have a couple of bottles so we never run out!

Give your senses a thrill!

Four medicines soap is my all time favorite. The scents of these take you away to walking through the forest with all those wonderful smells.. They are not scent heavy which makes this my absolute favorite!

Absolutely a wonderful product!

I just love the scents that these candles produce! Soft gentle scent that makes you inhale it all!
I'm not sure if you do carry them but I'm a huge lover of the four medicines and was wondering if there is a candle set with just the four medicines. Regardless, these are wonderful and I'll continue to purchase!

Skywoman Lotion
Dorothy M. (Canada)
New favourite scent!

I received a Skywoman bundle at Christmas and was blown away with scent! I promptly went out and bought more. It is now my new favourite scent!

Best foot treatment!

The only foot treatment that actually works and that smells great at the same time. Love it!

Ultimate Mini Soap Bundle
Dean M. (Canada)
Baby shower give away

I ordered the mini soap bundle for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower. Sequoia was very helpful and accommodating when I requested the Cradleboard scent for all twenty soaps.
They smell wonderful and look gorgeous. The packaging is very attractive as well.
I know the guests will love these.
Thank you Michaelee

I will for sure be ordering more of this product when I run out. Gave my sister & neice one too they also love it. Thank you🌹

Strawberry Face Scrub
Shirley (Canada)
great product

I absolutely love this strawberry scrub...it smells terrific and it is soothing on the face.

The perfect bundle

Absolute 10/10. I can never decide which Sequoia soap scent to get, so this was perfect!

Mid Winter Bundle
Carla C. (Canada)
Ordered sweet grass lotion & mist excellent product thank you

Ordered sweet grass lotion & mist excellent product thank you

Jingle Dress Mist
Ashley R. (Canada)
This is the one.

Next in line to my sweetgrass body spray. The perfect date night scent 💕

A must!

This soap is a must, the smell is so good. Very well done.

Sweetgrass Lotion
Ashley R. (Canada)

Like walking in a field and smelling a scent of sweetgrass from a sunny days breeze.

So soft skin

I love the jingle dance box. It has a beautiful, soft scent that makes me for feminine. The lotion is amazing and keeps my skin remarkably soft. The best part is all organic. The earrings are great additions to my wardrobe. Thanks so much

Smells Amazing!

Favourite scents are Beaded Moccasins, Harvest Moon, and Sacred Tobacco!

5 Large Lotion Bundle
Carrie W. (Canada)
Love your products!

So happy with your products! I bought some for me and some for Christmas gifts, one person opened their gift early and loved it so much she is buying some for her daughters! Scents are lovely without overpowering.

Ultimate Mini Soap Bundle
Susan W. (Canada)
Mini soap bundle

These are great for stocking stuffers, there so many wonderful scents.
My friends love them.

Sweetgrass Melt
Debra M.B. (Canada)
Sweetgrass and Blackberry Melts

Love them while I am having a bath so relaxing!!!

Blackberry Sage Candle
Debra M.B. (Canada)
Blackberry Sage

Wonderful Awesome!

Sweetgrass Candle
Debra M.B. (Canada)

Wonderful, awesome!!

Skywoman Self-Care Bundle
Catherine (Canada)
Favourite gift set

It’s tough competition however this is my favourite scent! Keeping this one for myself.

Lovely gift set

I love every item and the scent.

Sweetgrass Self-Care Bundle
Joshua H. (Canada)
Perfect gift! 🎁

Perfect for my wife who loves her culture! ❤️