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Sweetgrass Candle


Scent Family: Sweetgrass

Description: Slightly Sweet Grassy Scent

Details: A complex, fresh, grassy fragrance with a bit of a sweet note. There is something irresistible with anything sweetgrass. Loved by both men and women. Topped with handpicked Sweetgrass.

• our own blend of natural waxes: soywax and beeswax
• burns cooler, and when finished you can easily rinse out the tin to repurpose
• made with our own proprietary blend of phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils
• topped with handpicked sweetgrass
• contains no artificial colors

Directions: Burn a maximum of 1 to 2 hours at a time, to get the most from your candle. Always burn your candle on a heat proof surface. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" to prevent wick from mushrooming which may cause sooting or container becoming too hot. Never burn your candle all the way to the bottom to avoid the container from getting too hot. Your candle should naturally extinguish when there is 1/4" wax left.

Size/Weight: 60hr / 30hr / 15hr

Ingredients: Soywax, Beeswax, Fragrance Oil, Sweetgrass

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Anonymous (Canada)

The smell from this candle is really nice! Not to strong. I burn it in my bedroom for a while before I go to sleep. It helps me relax.

Jaime M. (Canada)
Sweetgrass Candle

I love this candle. It’s so calming, light smelling and comforting. I can’t wait to purchase more.

Catherine M. (Canada)
Finding rest

I love my Sequoia candles. The sweetgrass is balanced perfectly for a background scent during my downtimes. Finding rest in many ways.

Louise C. (Canada)
Candle addiction

I had been gifted a sweetgrass candle and fell in love with the scent. I ordered all the other scents to try them out. Blackberry Sage is the first one I've sampled from the order and I like it very much as well, though Sweet Grass is my favourite so far. Looking forward to ordering again and trying some of your soaps and other products. Keep up the wonderful work. I;ll be passing your name along to my friends.

Cass M. (Canada)

Absolutely love every single candle I got, but the Sweetgrass is my favourite The matching body lotions are also fabulous. My all-time favourite are the Sweetgrass Candle and Sweetgrass Body Lotion.