Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil

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Corrin (Manitoba, Canada)
Smells just like the real thing.

This may be the only oil I have purchased that actually smells like sweetgrass. It is an amazing fragrance.

Dylan A. (Ontario, Canada)

My grandmother was very happy, both with the quality of the product, and the fact we were able to support an Idigenous (apologies if wrong term) run business.

Leora (Quebec, Canada)

I was unsure of what to expect as a scent because Iโ€™ve purchased some bad sweetgrass essential oils before, but this one is AMAZING! It smells sweet, soft and is subtle. Only downside is I have to add like 10 drops to my diffuser so Ill run through this bottle quickly.

Barbara B.
Sweet grass everything

All the sweet grass products that I have purchased Iโ€™m in love with. From bathing with the sweet grass soap to spraying my pillows with sweet grass spray itโ€™s heavenly and calming for a great sleep. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sara (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Beautiful packaging, handwritten thank-you card, free soap sample. Everything clearly made with thought, care and attention to detail. I love the scent of the fragrance oil, body spray and incense. It does smell beautiful, but not like sweetgrass. It is extremely hard to nail that scent perfectly. What Sequoia came up with IS lovely, just don't be expecting it to smell exactly like sweetgrass, or you will be disappointed. It's its own thing. More like Egyptian Musk, to be honest. The soap sample, Stone Mother, was great soap. Great, natural scent, quality ingredients and good lather.