Large Sweetgrass Canoe Candle / Incense Burner

Size: 14.5" long, 3" wide at the widest point in the middle. 2" tall in the middle, 3.25" tall near the ends.

Burn time: approximately 30 hrs

Customer Reviews

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Eva W. (Ontario, Canada)
Sweetgrass Canoe

Beautifully packaged, and even more beautiful of a product. It both looks and smells amazing, I'm honestly blown away (no pun intended) by how lovely of a candle this is!

Arlene C. (Ontario, Canada)
Sweet Grass Candle and Incense Holder

This is a terrific 2-for1 product. Not only do you get a beautifully smelling sweet grass candle that is so relaxing and lightly fragrant. But you also get an amazing incense canoe that conveniently catches the incense ashes.
I enjoy using many of the Sequoia incense scents that are so earthy and natural. I enjoy the sage, cedar, and sweet grass the best. I light one every day during my yoga practice.

Carol M. (Alberta, Canada)
Not impressed

I am not impressed that the prices have moved up in the short while I’ve started shopping here, and I have made 4 orders total & spent a total of $804.00 however I will not continue to shop here I was going to continue purchasing the products for myself & gifts for my loved ones but not now since the soap we're $45.00 just in Dec now they are 48 & the Canoe candles were 70.00 for a Large sweetgrass and small sweetgrass was 30.00 now it’s $135.00 for the set 90.00 for large & 45.00 for small ?? & I just purchased those in May, I was going to buy more but I will definitely not be buying any gift soap sets or canoe candles or maybe not even anything at all now.I was loving this company but I think I will just order from Mother Earth Essentials an indigenous company from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Arianna R.
My favorite incense burner ever!

I love the Sweetgrass scent! It’s larger than I expected but I ain’t complaining. It’s beautifully crafted and designed! I love incense and have collected many burners over the years. This one is by far my most favorite. I’m one happy and satisfied customer!

Mary S.

these are so wonderful! my mum got them for me for christmas and they are so pretty and smell great. i’m going to recommend them to everyone!